Abdul Wahid “Nazari” was born on 25 February 1954 in a spiritual family of Kandahar province.

He has completed his primary Educations in, Ahmadshahi school of Kandahar and secondary school Mirwais Nika, Rahman Baba School in Kabul in 1972

He graduated from the department of Law and Political Science at Kabul University in 1973 and went to Bulgaria for higher education in directing cinema and television in 1974.

In 1982 Wahid “Nazari” Returned with equivalent of doctorate to his country and

Started as TV director. He worked as a director at Afghan Film in 1984.

From 1985 to 1989 he has worked as the President of Afghan Film.

He has been the chairman of the film makers union from the years 1983 to 1989.

He is the first academic who started teaching fine arts at Kabul University and he continues today.

He became the director of Aryana television in 2006.

In 2006 as director of Shamshad Television

And from 2008 up to 2010 he worked as the General Director of National Radio and Television of Afghanistan.

Currently, he is the General Director Policy board of the Ministry of Culture and Information and adviser to the Minister of Culture & Information.


Based on his interests in drama and art, he started as a story teller for kids program (Kaka Monjani)   with Radio Afghanistan and also had corporation in Dram and story on 1986.

During his higher studies besides the artistic working he has made different films like

Aya dar mamlakat shuma khar nest? (How there is no donkey in your country?) TV film.

Sa shab az hazaro yak shab(Three nights from one thousand and one night) TV film.

And the short film of vada (Promise) in Bulgaria, on his return to Afghanistan he made the first TV Theater by the name of Raies (boss).

He has documentary films in cinema like, “Parwarshgah watan”, in 1983.  Inqilab dar rawand takamul (revolution toward development) in 1983, 

Afghanistan bedon shoravi ha (Afghanistan without Russians”).

Feature Films:Lahza ha (the moments) in 1984, Arman (Hope), 1988. Kaghoshchi in (soldier) 1983,“ De Lamar pa lor”. In 1989 “

He also directed the first Afghan serial “De kondi zoi” (orphan child) which was screened in 1991.

Between years 2002- 2004 during exile, he has made top films like “Gomorra” and “Hijrat” (immigration) for big screen.

Since then 1982 he started writing and published humerous short stories, translation in cinema, short cinema stories, dramas, and stories for kids in inside and out of the country.

The total humerous stories of Nazari published to date are:

Agar na didi bawar kon “if you don’t see it, believe it” in 1997. “

 Gula rasa ka yi gori (Come in see it) in 1998.

Wah wah gule seb” (Wow apple blossom) In 1998.”

Kala war da aba kala war…” (A turn of father and a turn for……), 2002

Diga chetor hasti (How are you another) in 2002.

Yak ba dunia sad ba akherat” (help to be helped), 2005

Akhir ba ie sanga si” (what would be the end) in 2005.

Chel wazier-e beaqal (40 meaningless ministers)  2012.


History of Afghanistan cinema, in 2012.


Unpublished books:

Methods of  Film Directing.

Be careful (novel)

Short pieces for Theatre

Hundreds Satires from Nazari

OH! MUM’S SOUL satire in English


   Wahid Nazari got the award for honour member of Afghan culture, medals, arts and press diplomas in international festivals, inside and outside the country. He was the first Afghan director who participated in jury panel at Varna international festival.

His Humor “if you don’t see it, believe it” was awarded the first prize from the Afghanistan journalists union in United Stats of America, and this book is used as a guide book  for American soldiers who are deployed to Afghanistan.

Wahid Nazari has the membership of German directors union and he is the first Afghan who has the post ticket of Holland.